What is the eye contour?

1. The eye shape location: take care of with treatment

The eye contour area is one of the most meaningful part of the face, as well as it's likewise one of the most breakable. The skin around the eyes endures the effects of over 10,000 blinks per day, in addition to expressions and also rips. The skin around is exceptionally thin and also it's right here that creases, great lines, dark shadows, and puffiness fast to show up. That's why for the eye shape location, you need mild and efficient items especially designed for delicate skin. And also when used frequently over the years, Clarins consider CONTOUR PRODUCTS will certainly maintain your eyes looking expressive and also youthful, withstanding the examinations of time.


2. The eye shape location: targeted care

As with our face care products, Clarins' range of eye shape items extremely moisturise your skin while likewise satisfying any kind of particular skin care problems you might have. If you're searching for anti-aging results, pick eye products such as overall EYE CONTOUR or DOUBLE SERUM EYE. Alternatively, if your eyes typically look worn out, attempt applying our TOTAL EYE REVIVE to noticeably lower dark circles and also puffiness daily. Its formula works to remove the signs of tiredness and also brighten the eye area. And if you're trying to find a lifted, lightened up effect, grab CLARINS COMPLETE EYE RAISE. This professional eye training cream uses Cassie Wax and also Harungana extract to tighten and also compress the eye location for a beautiful well-rested and also raised appearance.


Eye shape lotion: Just how to apply

First of all, where is the eye contour area? The eye contour is the delicate skin around your eye location; above the cheekbone and all around the orbital zone. When you make use of eye lotion, it's important to moisturise the entire location along with just your under eye. Right here's just how:


Place a percentage of eye cream (concerning the dimension of a grain of rice) onto the rear of your hand.

Utilizing your third finger, gently use the product in a round activity to the eye contour area, pushing softly until the product has melted into the skin.

Repeat every early morning and also night for soft, intense, as well as super-nourished skin.


Don't forget to show your neck some love, too!

The skin on your décolletage is just as delicate as the skin around your eyes. So, when you're applying eye contour lotion, why not apply a light layer to your neck and also breast for an added dose of hydration? We suggest our brand-new DÉCOLLETÉ AND NECK CREAM, which is specifically created for this fragile area. It uses a mix of Cassie Wax and also Date Seed Extract to visibly tighten as well as raise the skin while intensely hydrating it. For optimal outcomes, apply after showering while your skin is still damp.



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